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Special Features

Physical, mental and spiritual fulfilment through worship
The members on identifying their call, election and Godís will for them, proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world with power and Grace of Holy Spirit.
We makes fellowship with every member who is the part of the body of Jeseus Christ, without any favouritism
Prayer, Worship and Evangelism guide the spiritual activities of the ministry thereby giving every member the opportunity to grow in Christ through good works of Evangelism.

Manna Ministry of India

The term Manna means 'Heavenly Food'. God provided Manna to the Isralites when they were passing through the wilderness to the promised land (Exodus 16:31)

Manna symbolises the word of God. The word of God, empowers the people physically, mentally and spiritually. Those who enjoy His presence will not engage in anti-social or anti Ė personal activities . They will be free from fear, all type of complexes, anxiety etc. God motivates them to love one another without any selfish motives. God motivates them to love one another without any selfish motives (Agape Ė Love or Sacrificial Love). Those who go through Godís way shown through Jesus Christ will be able to overcome any situation in the world, like Jesus won the temptations of the world. (John 16:33)

The ministry focuses to preach and practice Jesusís Love, life and compassion. Every member of this ministry is equipped to work for the betterment of this world and for the Kingdom of God. The ministry expects to fulfil this goal through counselling, seminars, and other awareness programmes.

Jehovah Jireh My Provider